We are Emily and Daisy. We are very concerned about a lot of things. Among them: meat and the consumption thereof, feminism and equality in general, incest and birth defects, our planet and its impending fate, our society and its impending fate, our own survival (and yours). Our Descent Into Madness is a place where we can explore these issues, and many others.

We are Emily and Daisy, and the reality is that now, more than two years into blogging, we’re mostly concerned about whether you’ve seen that cool thing posted on CRAFT today. We still care about everything else, of course, but, to be honest, serious blogging has always broken our hearts and worn us out. We’re sticking to oddities, art, and gadgets for now.

We both also blog at Revolutionary Act, where we do write on more serious topics.

Welcome to Our Descent Into Madness.


ALERT! Official blog policy regarding discussion and debate. As long as things remain civil and polite, all readers are welcome to comment with disagreements and dissenting opinions. However, commenters should be aware that debate is in no way the purpose of this blog. Due to our extreme political exhaustion, we will usually choose not to engage such objections, and we may ask you not to post any more comments in the same vein. Please know that we have almost certainly considered your position, read more than a handful of blog posts about it, and discussed it with each other at length, coming to conclusions that satisfy us for now. This is not a reflection on you, your ideas, or your worth as a human. It is not indicative of our feelings about or respect for you. It is indicative of the purpose of our blog, and our current emotional state with respect to defending our core beliefs. Among the topics we especially don’t want to argue about: whether or not anthropogenic climate change is real and/or threatening (we think it’s both), the ethics of abortion (pro-choice), whether or not queers are entitled to rights (they are), whether feminism is good bad or otherwise (good), the nature of sexism (bad for everyone, worse for women), the existence of racism (it very much exists), and whether or not Andrew Jackson committed genocide (he did). But, note: if a comment is especially offensive or irrelevant, it may be deleted with no warning or acknowledgment. Our blog, our call.

We love our readers. We love hearing from you. We just don’t want to get into a intellectual sparring match with you. That’s what every other blog in the ‘sphere is for. Thank you for respecting our wishes.

This blog is an 80 Proof project.



  1. Andre said,

    This is a non-starter because it will adversly affect the meat and dairy business. Margins are not that great now. Not labeling the cloned me would make all meat suspect. Saying OK to bioengineering is one thing. But eating a science experiment is nuts.

  2. Blog Admin Stuff « Our Descent Into Madness said,

    […] 7th, 2007 at 11:14 pm (neat things) Cute picture of the authors added to the About page. Those walls match our layout, don’t you […]

  3. worker bees said,

    Howdy friends,

    We found your site tonight while researching tear drinking moths for our illustration we are working on about globalization and extinction crises in Mesoamerica. ..

    Thanks for helping people connect the dots with all these issues, it’s important work to be done in a loving and urgent way.

    Are y’all familiar with http://www.theicarusproject.net? hope so.

    Miel y solidaridad,
    the bees

  4. Miriam Sagan said,

    You’re doing a great job!

  5. Life With Buck said,

    Hi Emily and Daisy,
    I really like your blog; you guys have interesting and thought-provoking stuff on here, and you always post such interesting videos. The giraffe video sparked a debate in my house, which I covered in my own blog. I’m new to blogging, so at the bottom of my post I linked to your blog so people could see what we were talking about. Like I said, I’m new at this and I hope this was the correct way to do it and I haven’t pissed you off in any way. – Wendy, from Life With Buck (formerly A Writer In The Desert)

  6. Daisy said,

    Hi Wendy! That most definitely was the correct way to do it, thanks for the link.

    And thanks for reading! We always enjoy your comments.

  7. Life With Buck said,

    Thanks so much!

  8. Susan Middleton said,

    The images of an albatross with a stomach full of plastic and an image of the plastic stomach contents laid out are posted on your site, and this is an unauthorized use.
    These are copyrighted images and all legal rights to the images are retained by the authors/copyright owners. I am one of the copyright owners, and we were never
    asked nor did we give permission for the images to be on your site. Please remove them immediately. Though I appreciate what you are communicating in your blog, the fact remains that posting these images without perm ssion is incorrect and illegal.

    These images must be removed!

  9. Daisy said,

    Ms. Middleton — thank you for your comment. They we be removed immediately.

  10. Some reactions to “the abortion controversies” and women’s vanishing rights to full citizenship in the U.S. « Our Descent Into Madness said,

    […] because of the nature of this post, I urge readers who have not reviewed our comment policy to do so, and to respect our choices […]

  11. katkmeanders said,

    Hello, I know you guys like art, and I don’t see any mention of this site at your blog so I’m posting (off-topic) here. Check out my latest blog entry for a really nifty site where you can make your own artworks. I love this site and have found myself going there for relaxation even in the Summer. *smile*

  12. katkmeanders said,

    Christmas tree powered by an electric eel, have you seen this yet? I think it’s neat. I wish it were more probable as a solution for providing energy. Biofuel seems to be a decent concept so far, except where to get the matter to use.


  13. katkmeanders said,

    Going to post twice here. First of all, I read at a message board that has its own unique culture. Here is the Wikipedia entry on it. I will be linking to it in my next comment. If you should feel attracted to this board, it is important that you read the various “Etiquette” guides in the “About This Message Board” forum, and better you should lurk and read and absorb the odd nature of the culture before jumping in. (It’s also pay to post after your thirty day guest membership expires. Nope, I don’t like that part, and the board was up-in-arms when they implemented it. But, they are dedicated to the cause.) Eve Golden posts/posted there.



    I’ll get to the point as to why I am filling in this background story next comment.

  14. katkmeanders said,

    The Lakota Sioux are declaring their Independence from the United States (Huzzah!)



    The message board I referenced has already begun a Debate about it. (As in, follow the rules you learned in College Debate, they will ask for Cites.)


    If you figure out what my other identity there is, please do not “out” me, I keep this identity seprerate from that one, just in case I ever have to ditch an identity.

  15. katkmeanders said,

    I wrote about “real” electronic music (Heh…) in my blog today. Come, join my geeky dance of joy and marvel at such a thing… *smile*

  16. katkmeanders said,

    New pictures, (taken on a decently difficult hike) haven’t blogged so much lately, had a rough patch with the anniversary of Mom’s death, and other RL stuffs. I might blog about part of it at some point I oughta, to help increase awareness. It is possible, to go more than thirty years, and not be aware you are allergic (very) to peanuts. *eek* I know this, because I was very recently diagnosed as allergic to peanuts via a skin test. I can remember eating peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches (frozen, mmmm) when I was four years old.

  17. katkmeanders said,

    Head’s up, posting a comment with a whole lotta links in your “suggest some nifty books for me to devour this Summer enquiry”. *wink*

  18. katkmeanders said,

    It can wait, but when you’ve got some time swing by my blog and take a gander at the latest entries. *does a geeky dance of joy* I got a new camera! *grin*

  19. mommasteph said,

    Daisy, when you get a chance send me your email, I’ve somehow lost it.


  20. katkmeanders said,

    Bleh! That post is really messed up…. *sigh* Every time I even try to edit it I get a Windows popup box saying that a script on the page is making my computer run slow. (HUH?!!) I can edit other pages just fine… I may have to scrap that entry and remake it. (If I scrap it I’ll let you know so you can get rid of the pingback, and let the new one in.) I managed to pull up the (Private) entry and copy what remains of it, I’ll have to sort through it, order it, and find my thought train (or a similar track) and re-answer the questions that got lost when the entry was *BORKED*. Argh! *sigh* I’m afraid to try to make another entry right now… O_o o_O <–Confuzled, boggling eyes.

  21. katkmeanders said,

    Er, scrap the pingback, or just edit it so Askimet won’t hound me as a spammer, if that is possible?

  22. Daisy said,

    Okay, kat — I’ll delete the ping now.

  23. katkmeanders said,

    Swing me a comment on your about page with an e-mail you’re comfy with me having? I’ll e-mail you the text of what I want to post. WordPress is still behaving strangely, I’ve got a partial (new) post up though. *sigh*

  24. katkmeanders said,

    Er, on *MY* about page….ROFL *blush* Pre-occupied? ME?! Er, yeah, guess so… Hoping to get more copied and pasted into that entry, but don’t want the repeating blocks of text with *HUGE* gaps of space etc. again.

  25. katkmeanders said,

    Ok, the pingback is “for reals” this time. The…post is, er….*mostly* stable atm. (I didn’t do the odd spacing though! And…I hope the bolding and question/answer order remains the same as well…)

  26. lizbalfour said,

    Hi, just found your site and think it’s great. I had a quick look at your reading list and saw one of my favourite books: Ishmael. Excellent! (check out “The Story of B” which takes up where Ishmael ends, if you haven’t already.) I will certainly have a browse through some of your other recommended reading.

    In turn, may I be allowed to recommend the author Derrick Jensen? I have not read all of his work but “Endgame, Volume 1: The Problem of Civilization” and “Endgame, Volume 2: Resistance” are thoughtful, informative and inspiring.

  27. Emily said,

    Hey Liz, thanks for stopping by! I have not read those Jensen titles you’ve suggested, though I have read As the World Burns: 50 Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial, a graphic novel written by Derrick Jensen and illustrated by Stephanie McMillan. It made for a fun afternoon.

  28. FIY « Our Descent Into Madness said,

    […] 13, 2008 at 10:55 am (administrative business) We’ve updated our About page to better reflect the current state of the blog as it continues to evolve and grow. I’m sure […]

  29. Jose Luis G. Soler said,

    Hello Emily
    Hello Daisy

    I’m disseminating this nice interview with Miriam Sagan.. I thought it would be of interest for you.. ; )


    warm wishes

  30. Emily said,

    Hey, thanks Jose! You’re right, that link certainly is of interest. Warm wishes to you as well!

  31. Jim Terr said,

    Hi Emily – I just got a Google news alert about this PALS OF PARIS thing, and it reminded me, “How is Emily doing?” I so much appreciated your help with that project, though it never got much beyond that. We did get Obama elected, so that was the point I suppose. You’re a great inspiration, and I hope all’s well for you guys. I just did another video recently, which you might enjoy, called MAYBE THINGS WILL START TO GO RIGHT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xui1i3jkJhY

    -Jim Terr
    P.S. Your mom (and dad) came to a little party I had a few months ago, to celebrate my 250,000th YouTube view, and it was great fun having them.

  32. Emily O. said,

    Hey Jim! Thanks for stopping by and checking in. I’m doing pretty well, and I hope you are also. I’m happy to have helped you out with that project. It was fun! My parents mentioned that party; said they had a good time. Good luck on future projects, and I’ll keep you updated on mine. :)

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