February 11, 2009 at 11:34 pm (administrative business, movies/video/clips)

As Daisy sort of mentioned in her last post, and as has become glaringly obvious in our general neglect of the blog recently, we’ve both hit some sort of wall when it comes to posting. Some sort of fatigue. I absolutely adore this virtual time-capsule we’ve created and I know Daisy does too, but it’s clear that we both need a break. So, we’re hereby on indefinite hiatus. I’m sure that I will be back, but can’t say when. Until that time, if you would like to contact us you can use the comments on this post…I’ll check up on them. Thanks so much to all our frequent visitors and everyone who has enjoyed this blog.

As a (temporary) parting gift, I offer this (not-so) final YouTube video comprised of clips from the ’77 movie Gizmo!, which I have not seen, but would like to ASAP.



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  1. Tyler said,

    I found it comforting to know that when you’re too drunk and stoned to use Ableton Live at 3am, there’s always your blog, one of your creative outlets, waiting patiently for you to feed it something fun.

    My blog always loves me. He greets me with a wagging tale and is always happy to see me when I return, no matter how distant I’ve been the last few months …even when I can’t remember how to embed a youtube video, he supports me and rewards me and makes me laugh!

    I hope your blog loves you unconditionally just as mine does me.

    I also like the smell of sandalwood and I have a new bicycle helmet that’s very very very aerodynamic looking.





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