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February 8, 2009 at 6:17 pm (injustice, LGBT, neat things, politics) ()

Sorry for the serious lack of posting lately, folks. I’ve been having bad blogging fatigue (I’ve hardly even been reading blogs), so I’m taking it easy, in an effort to avoid some kind of spectacular flame-out. And, Emily and I both just started a new semester. I have been incredibly busy; I’m sure Emily has, too.

That aside, here are some interesting links.

1. What the collapse of the Soviet Union can teach us about the probable collapse of the US. (Via How To Save The World.)

2. Don’t Divorce Us! — a very sweet video fighting Prop 8.

3. A Gentile Privilege Checklist.

4. And on a completely different note, pygmy seahorses!

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  1. johnbisceglia said,

    Can we cause the SAME level of suffering, trauma, and harm to the “YES ON PROP 8″ crowd that THEY have inflicted on us?

    To any who say “what suffering?”, my God, you are naive. When laws aren’t in place for ALL, horrible suffering happens. Children permanently separated from parents, assets & property lost, mental disorders, financial devastation, etc….

    I say – Let’s work on SUFFERING EQUALITY. Perhaps those who donated to PROP 8 need to FEEL what we experience when we are EXCLUDED from U.S. law. They need to lose homes, children, property, and jobs….for starters. Fair is fair. Now THAT would be justice.

    Too harsh? But I’m only suggesting that they EXPERIENCE what we ALREADY DO BECAUSE of PROP 8 and similar initiatives.

    I hate to quote to Bible, but “an Eye for an eye”….

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