You should not be having sex.

December 9, 2008 at 5:20 pm (injustice, sex, sexism, stupidity) ()

Caroline Ryan, you are a cruel, selfish, and incredibly unabashed idiot. I am amazed by your callousness and lack of empathy. Your article does more for the case against routine infant circumcision than almost anything else I’ve ever read.

If you’re not able to respect your lovers’ bodies as they are, you should not be having sex. If you can’t stop yourself from ridiculing another person’s genitals, in print no less, you should not be having sex. If you think that someone’s genitals being able to feel sensations is bad, you should not be having sex. If you would prefer your lovers to be unfeeling machines instead of human beings, you should not be having sex.

At least not with anyone else.


  1. Emily said,

    Wow. That article really is horrid, in so many ways.

  2. Daisy said,

    Seriously. I like Jewcy in general — I’m surprised and annoyed that they published it.

  3. Iz said,

    I went to my first briss the other day. It’s a strange thing we do to our children.

  4. Hugo said,

    I’m glad this was your reaction, because it sure is mine. Really awful.

    And as a man who was circumcised at 37, I am particularly invested and irked.

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