Chickens Keep Peace Amongst Rabbits

November 17, 2008 at 7:56 pm (movies/video/clips) (, )


Who even knew that rabbits fought?

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  1. miragh said,

    At the place I used to work in Switzerland ( the two owners ( in total a couple, an apprentice and me – the place, in view as a ‘working place’ had SUCH a great intangible quality surrounding it) decided to fit the theme of a Nordic park and get some Mountain Hares, which would be kept with the other, more common and tame European Hares.

    One day one of the Mountain Hares were missing. Turned out the European ones harassed it and bit it’s tail of!

    Aggressive fiddly little bastards! I know why I prefer dogs, hehe…

  2. Emily said,

    Oh no!

    I had a pet rabbit growing up that was great and very sweet, but come to think of it, there were never any other rabbits around him. Makes me wonder…

    I really never imagined rabbits as fighting creatures, in any circumstance.

  3. Brendenator said,

    Emily, when we buy our rabbit lets also buy a chicken to go along with it.

    Together, they will be…. HARE AND HEN!


  4. Emily said,

    Such a bad pun.

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