November 7, 2008 at 2:44 pm (amazing things, LGBT, politics)

I’m sort of confused about what this means. It’s a site launched by the office of President-Elect Barack Obama (!), where you can read about our soon-to-be administration’s agenda and policies, share your experience of the election and campaign, and, most startlingly, submit your ideas about how we should deal with the myriad challenges we face.

I feel dizzy, almost giddy. It’s starting to sink in. I live in a republic! The US government is my government! Oh my God!

And I know it’s trivial, but I was so grateful that Obama mentioned gay people in is speech — included us in the list along with people of different races and people with and without disabilities, where we damn well belong.* Included us with respect, and without being asked to. That was an amazing moment for me.

If you missed the speech, you can watch it here.

(Look, I know Obama is a moderate. I’m sure there will be disappointments in addition to joys. But for now, I want to revel in this. I was eleven when George W. Bush took office — I cannot remember having a government of which I was consciously aware that was not utterly abhorrent to me, that was not overtly hostile to my rights, my very existence. So if Obama’s administration can even manage to be decent, I’m likely to be very glad, at least until the shock of it wears off.)

* And where many other folks who weren’t mentioned damn well belong, too.

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