Here We Go (Or, VOTE)

November 3, 2008 at 7:00 pm (politics)

US readers: this goes without saying, but, for the sake of our species, I desperately hope you, your families, your friends and your lovers will all be voting tomorrow if you haven’t voted already. Don’t forget to vote for justice on all the various propositions in your state, county and city! And don’t forget to check the boxes for all the best state and local officials.

Emily and I have both cast out ballots already. I’m trying to stay calm and, in a regression to my childhood education in Judaism, frequently invoking G-d. I pray for the best possible outcome. I pray for justice. I pray to survive.

Not one but two classes are requiring me to do documentary projects about the election, so I will be both taping and photographing the small group of friends I will join in front of a TV screen tomorrow. Whatever happens, I will have a record. I do take some small comfort in that.


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