Megalopyge Opercularis

September 18, 2008 at 2:18 pm (movies/video/clips, neat things) ()

Via MAKE, meet Megalopyge opercularis, also known as the southern flannel moth, puss moth, and asp caterpillar. It is incredibly strange looking at both its larval and its mature stages, covered with an almost mammalian fur. Beware, though — according to the afore-linked Wikipdia article, its downy locks are filled with “venomous spines” that elicit “extremely painful reactions in human skin.” Yikes!

This is the tribble-like caterpillar:


And, courtesy of one Patrick Coin, here is the fully grown moth:


And finally, a video of the caterpillar in action. You haven’t had the full experience until you’ve seen how this thing moves.




  1. Emily said,


  2. Daisy said,


  3. Brendenator said,

    What the hell is that shit. How big is that thing man, what the hell.


  4. Ari said,

    That’s my worst nightmare.

  5. Emily said,

    Haha, Ari, I was waiting for your reaction.

  6. Tyler said,

    Now there’s something I’d like to cover my whole body with (alive of course).

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