“They did this in Germany,” Part 2

September 2, 2008 at 12:33 pm (frightening things, injustice, movies/video/clips, politics) ()

Via Fitness For The Occasion (and do read Dan’s post!), here is Amy Goodman’s illegal arrest by riot cops at the Republican National Convention:

Two producers of Democracy Now were also violently arrested. All three have been released now. You can hear more about it straight from them here and here.

Last year we posted a haunting lecture by Naomi Wolf about this country’s rapid slide into fascism. I think of that talk often, particularly two things Wolf said: firstly, the phrase “They did this in Germany,” said to her by a German friend who’d witnessed it herself.* As the grandchild of Holocaust escapees,** that sentence is more horrifying than I can explain.

The other thing I often recall is Wolf’s comment that, though she is (was) speaking out, there would come a time when she would be too afraid to do so. That point, she said, is the point at which “people like [her]” — meaning writers and journalists — start getting detained, tortured, and disappeared in the manner that the government already does to alleged “enemy combatants.”

This event is another landmark on the road to fascism. We are now so close to the moment that Wolf described, only the clear gaze of history can reveal whether that line has yet been crossed.

* If I recall correctly.
** I hesitate to use the word “survivors,” because, by many strokes of freakish luck, my relatives managed to get to safe countries alive and without ever seeing the inside of a camp. The fact remains, though, that my maternal grandparents got out more or less by the skin of their teeth, and were profoundly traumatized for their entire lives.



  1. Dan (Fitness) said,

    Thanks for following up on this. I really hope it doesn’t get worse, but I don’t see us avoiding that.

  2. Tyler said,

    Thanks. I’ve been wanting to match the recording on the radio with the video.

  3. Daisy said,

    No problem. : )

  4. Ari said,


  5. Jessie said,

    I listen to Amy Goodman frequently, and I didn’t hear about this. This is so outrageous!!! Do they know who this woman is?!

  6. Daisy said,

    Ari, she was just doing her job as a reporter and the cops attacked. You can read the details in the links. It’s fucked up.

    Jessie, I’m pretty sure that they know exactly who she is, which, disturbingly, is why this happened.

  7. ballgame said,

    This was really sickening to read about.

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