Five Links That Are Actually Important, 8/27/08

August 27, 2008 at 10:15 am (feminism, injustice, politics, racism) (, , )

To balance out our lighter, curiosity-centered blogging, we’re going to start posting round-ups of links to more serious things. The posts will be co-written — we’ll simply add links until there are five (a somewhat arbitrary number, chosen so the links will still be current).

1. Yet more PETA stupidity and offensiveness.

2. Increasing right-wing violence? Note that last paragraph especially.

3. Anti-contraception, anti-abortion DHHS rule-fight it!

4. Toward A Liberationist Feminism — an article arguing that, just as feminism should (must) be anti-racist, it is also necessarily anti-capitalist.

5. Alabama fat tax — and why it’s both hurtful and illogical.



  1. Tyler said,

    On the more serious site of things…

  2. Emily said,

    Thanks for the link Tyler; some very intense images.

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