Maiden Mother Crone

August 24, 2008 at 3:30 pm (amazing things, music, neat things)

So, Daisy and I have started a band with some of our friends called Maiden Mother Crone. We both play guitar, shakers, pill bottles, and sing sometimes. We just made ourselves a myspace page, so give us a listen!



  1. Daran said,

    You guys are surprisingly good.

  2. Emily said,

    Thanks Daran!

  3. Daisy said,



  4. Tyler said,


  5. Steph said,

    Hey, nice! Grandmother Pass Me reminds me a bit of The Breeders. Not trying to box you in, of course.


  6. Emily said,

    Awesome, I love The Breeders.

  7. Daisy said,

    Thanks, Stephanie! That particular one is (secretly!) dedicated to Gumma.

  8. MLE said,

    That last song makes me real happy, Would you like saw contribution?

  9. Daisy said,

    Yes definitely!

  10. Emily said,


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