Category Overhaul

August 20, 2008 at 9:28 am (administrative business)

We have completely revamped our categorization system. It had become seriously strange and inefficient. We hope to have more success with our pared down category list (23 down from 69) and spontaneous tags. The thinking here: the category tells you (and us) why we’re blogging about something, the tags fill in what, exactly, we’re blogging amount. Approximately. There will probably be some more shuffling over the next few days, and the categories/tags on old posts may occasionally seem nonsensical, but it’s basically done.

This is something like our third renovation, by the way. Why do we have so much trouble with this? To give you a sense of the kind of cockamamie show we’ve been running over here, we had “Earth,” “ecology,” and “environment,” all as discrete categories. We also had separate “bodies” and “body modification” categories. Very silly.

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