Spider Webs and Rain Drops

August 19, 2008 at 2:45 pm (amazing things, art, neat things)

There’s a gallery of awe-inspiring photos up at the Dark Roasted Blend right now, depicting beautiful wet spider webs in all their glory. Do go look.

Also check out these full Flickr sets that some of the first few photos came from: Water Drops, Bubbles, and Ice and A Thousand Drops of Light.



  1. Daisy said,

    Ha, I was just about to post this. Really gorgeous.

  2. katkmeanders said,

    Cool! The dewdrops are like gems! *camera envy*

    I’ve been getting some really great spider pictures lately myself. (But none like that…) I made a post on my blog that has two photos I haven’t put up on my flickr photostream yet. (Have friends from a message board who visit there, that are skeeved out by spiders.)


  3. Daran said,

    The communal web made me think of Mirkwood.

  4. Tyler said,

    First impression: glass jewelry

  5. Tyler said,

    Spiders are the one insect that “gets me” YIKES!

  6. Emily said,

    Impressive jewelry that would be, Tyler. The insects that “get me” are centipedes. And millipedes, and others of that variety.

  7. Tyler said,

    Centipedes are bad too. Don’t make the same mistake I did by watching Planet Earth: Caves while eating dinner…

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