’90s Flashback #5

August 9, 2008 at 12:00 pm ('90s flashbacks, movies/video/clips, music)

“Wonderwall,” by Oasis.



  1. ballgame said,

    Huh. So that’s Oasis. (Had heard of, but not heard, before.)

    It’s always a bit of a risk for me to recommend music videos since I’m so disconnected from pop music there’s a very real possibility that any ‘new group I just discovered’ could well have disbanded five years ago (like Save Ferris) but with that in mind … have you heard of Royksopp? I thought their music was good, but their videos in particular seemed like something you would enjoy. I thought this was their best:

    … but this was pretty clever too:

  2. ballgame said,

    Hmm, embedding doesn’t seem to work, so here are the straight links:

    What Else Is There?

    Remind Me

  3. Daisy said,

    Hi ballgame! I haven’t heard of Royksopp — thanks for the links. Those videos are really cool, and I like their sound. The first one, especially, was interesting. What haunting images.

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