Counter Terror with Justice

June 26, 2008 at 6:07 pm (injustice, politics) ()

Bryan Finoki of Subtopia has posted some interesting ruminations on Amnesty International’s campaign Counter Terror with Justice.

The campaign, meant to raise awareness about the terror that is illegal U.S. detention (and Guantanamo more specifically), is comprised of a truck hauling a full-scale replica of a Guantanamo Bay maximum security cell. Actual detainees kept in these cells are regularly isolated inside of them for up to 23 hours a day.

From the outside, the cell carried by the truck looks to be nothing but a large orange box, with the words “Counter Terror with Justice” printed on its side. It’s not until the truck is parked and the box unloaded in visible, open places that the general public is invited to isolate themselves inside the cell and leave messages about their experience via touchscreen computer device on the wall.

Says Finoki: The exhibit, perhaps inadvertently, I see as a revelation of this hazardous notion that American justice is a deployable prison cell that can be made cheaply on time and at any time, shipped anywhere in the world day and night, and dropped off on doorsteps here and abroad when and wherever the global arbiters of detention see fit…

Has the public square, the shopping mall, the tourist area, the protest zone, just been converted into an informal detention facility itself?

See him for more.

ETA: in another kind of Guantanamo news

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