Widespread Whale Depression

June 25, 2008 at 12:19 pm (frightening things) ()

Actual headline: “Whales Suffer From Loneliness Due to Over-Hunting, Might Lose Will to Live.”

Well, that’s certainly the most heartbreaking news I’ve heard today. From the article:

. . .According to Yves Paccalet, a French naturalist, over-hunting is causing loneliness in the surviving whales and can even make them “lose the will to live”. The highly intelligent and sociable mammals could be “so exhausted from their combat with humankind that they have simply have given up the fight,” according to him.

Paccalet, who worked with world famous marine pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, explains: “To reproduce, whales need a large number of individuals to ensure that they meet, frolic and excite each other. Otherwise, the species may give in to a kind of sexual melancholy and simply stop breeding.”

There is absolutely no excuse for this.


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  1. Maia said,

    I just read an article the other day from an old national geographic about whaling minke (one of the smaller, more abundant whales). The aritcle was fairly old, and i cant seem to find it online, however i did just find something which had some of the similar arguments in it.
    so, from

    “Opposition to whaling is very often presented as environmentalism. But if you are talking about opposition to a sustainable practice, there is absolutely no environmental factor against this kind of whaling. This is more to do with what you could call animal rights.”

    “Iceland halted whaling in 1989 but resumed in 2003, and has given itself the right to catch 40 Minke whales this year for commercial purposes. It argues stocks of whales around its waters are sufficiently abundant to allow sustainable whaling”

    despite the abundance of the minke whales, and their faster reproductive rate, whale-depression seems to me a quite sufficiant reason to downscale the killing of these animals. Not to mention all of the undercover whaling of other cetaceans that goes on under the title of “scientific whaling” and such. I am not entirly apposed to the smaller opperations, norway is about 400 whales per year i belive, but over 1,000 dead friends a year is quite alot, and not entirly sustanable.


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