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June 23, 2008 at 12:30 pm (movies/video/clips, music, neat things)

Three completely different videos of people playing songs; the primary commonality is that all three songs have been stuck in my head today, though it’s just past noon.

Here is Diane Cluck playing “Easy To Be Around,” a song on Oh Vanille / Ova Nil. I like this version a lot better than the studio cut, actually, thought both are great. I have a thing for unedited recordings.

A crazy song called “Rasputin,” by Boney M, which my friend Brenden got me into. Something about that combination of klezmer and… Disco? Whatever it is, it’s great.

Jeff Mangum playing “Oh Sister”:



  1. Vicky said,

    Don’t you hate when that happens. Sometimes I will hear them for days! Who let the dogs out, Woof! LOL

  2. Tyler said,

    Loved the 2nd video/song especially the dance moves at 2:40. I’m gonna have to try those out!

  3. Daran said,

    Ahh, Rasputin. One of the things I love about this blog is the continual trips back to my salad days.

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