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June 19, 2008 at 6:34 pm (frightening things)

Hey all, long time! What a week it’s been, filled with everything from family emergencies to festivals. The latter, at least, was great. We painted bones with neon colored paints, jumped flames, and shared song after bloody song. A rousing, successful event indeed.

And now I am returned to thousands and thousands of unread blog posts peering angrily from the sidebar of my news feed. The only way to jump back into blogging then, I think, is with a long list of links to clear the clutter.

Here goes:

Artist Yeondoo Jung manifests and photographs real-world interpretations of children’s drawings.

“City of Shadows”–a collection of creepy, time-lapse crowd shots taken in St. Petersburg, Russia, by Alexey Titarenko.

Rocket Car. This picture actually inspired me to turn to my friends and say “Guys, check out this fucking sweet car.” A sentence I never expected to escape my own mouth. They were equally shocked and excited.

Cool close-up bubble photos and a How-To.

Robots that draw pictures of humans.

Embryonic cuttlefish spot prey through egg and are first species to do so pre-birth…also, terrifying moth shots.

For the months to come: Fight the Smears and Michelle Obama Watch.

The word “We” is for scary Marxists. Clearly.

A really, really quick wine glass player.

The musical etiquette table. Love it.

Americans crossing into Mexico for cheaper gas. Oh, the irony.

And, finally, my second Muxtape, Island’s Gone Bad.

Whew. Enjoy!


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  1. kyledeb said,

    Thanks for the link. Always appreciate it. Email me if you’re interested in getting further involved in struggle to take back the internet from nativism.

    Much Love,

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