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Note! This post contains graphic depictions of sex, beyond the “Read the rest” link. Click on at your discretion.

For this to make the best kind of sense, please refer to back to SOPP and the guidelines therein.

This is Via the Hookah smoking and infinitely creative ways of Tayzer Carrotsauce, Staceysaurus, and Kelsa.

There are a few Antioch-specific references, but I hope that won’t throw anyone off to far.

Here goes:

Emerson and Libby shared a glance across the smoky dorm room, the sweet scent of melon shish curling delicately through the air. It was nearing the end of the second term, and with Antioch College closing for good within a few short weeks, Libby felt the pressure of her secret desires closing in. It was tonight, or never.

Libby and Emerson had become close within the first few weeks of school, but strictly within a friendly sense. Libby had entertained numerous open relationships with the boys on campus, and presented herself as strictly identifying as straight. Libby had shared details of all of her sexual encounters with Emerson, but had kept one big secret from him. She wanted him. Bad.

As friends slowly filed out as the hookah ran out, Libby worked up the courage to make the move she had been dreaming of. She took a deep breath as she struggled to finally ask him, “do you want to take a walk in the glen?” Emerson, used to these late night walks, where they talked about everything, from future plans to crushes, did not realize that tonight was a night unlike any other.

“Of course,” he said, smiling his usual roguish grin. They set off, and soon found themselves along amongst the trees. It was a pleasantly warm night in mid April, the full moon showing full and bright, illuminating the rocky steps they walked on.

“Emerson,” Libby finally broke the silence they had been walking in, “I have something to tell you.” She sat down on one of the large boulders close to them. “I’ve always wanted you. From the first day I met you, at propsp. weekend.” Emerson looked stunned.

“I’m flattered, Libby,” he replied, pressing a hand to his tightly bound chest, “but I thought you were only interested in male bodied people.”

“Well, Emerson,” Libby began, “After taking queer theory with Isabella Winkler last term, I realized that I should stop limiting my desires into the box the society creates. I realized that want you and what I want to do with you, and that is that.”

Emerson looked thoughtful for a moment, but was silent. Libby could feel herself blushing, blood pulsating through her veins, anticipation and fear mingling in her very core. Emerson finally spoke. “I’ve wanted you too.”

“Emerson,” Libby gasped, “may I kiss you?”

“Yes, please do,” Emerson whispered back, flashing his ever-coy grin.

They met, and the kiss was like nothing Libby could ever have imagined in her wildest wet dream. His tongue, looped slowly around hers, sucking and nibbling, seducing her senses with his warmth. Libby’s mind reeled in the delicious sensation, vibrations trembling down her spine, her pussy tightening with wanting, no needing Emerson.

“Libby,” Emerson broke away from the kiss, fingers twining around her hair, “may I take off your shirt?”

“Of course,” Libby replied, “but only if you take off yours too” Emerson replied by quickly undoing the buttons on his shirt, as Libby ripped off her own t-shirt. Her fingers hovered at the bindings around his chest. “That stays,” Emerson said, noticing her movements and questioning face. She moved her fingers down to the button of his jeans, yet again looking up inquiringly. “Yes,” Emerson replied.

They undressed slowly in the woods, the dark shadows and silver moonlight bathing their bodies in sensual shadows, as they stroked each other hungrily. Emerson slowly laid Libby down across the boulder, parting her knees. “Can I eat you out now?” He asked, running his tongue across his lower lip slowly.

“Please,” Libby begged, the anticipation almost too much for her to handle. Emerson parted the lips of her vagina, hot and pulsing, rubbing his tongue piercing against the wet walls of her, gently flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue.

“Yes,” Libby moaned, “harder.” Emerson increased the pressure of his tongue, working in rhythmic back and forth motions. She felt herself nearing her climax. “Slow down,” she instructed, “I don’t want to cum just yet.”

Emerson broke away from her quivering orchid. He moved back up to kiss her deeply on the mouth, one hand still stroking lightly down below while the other cupped her breast. “Would you like it if I bit your nipples?” he panted. The thought set off fireworks of pleasure in her already racing mind, and Libby was glad that her senses had not been dulled by any sort of substance. “Yes.”

Emerson moved his mouth to her small, firm breast, and Libby screamed in pleasure. “Take me,” she demanded.

“With pleasure,” Emerson kissed his way up to her ear, nibbling softly on her delicate earlobe. “I’m wearing my strap on,” he whispered, “is that ok?”

Libby reached around Emerson to the pile of clothes next to the boulder, rummaging around until she found the condom and lube she had stored in preparation. “Perfect,” she murmured.

Libby unwrapped the condom as Emerson removed his boxers to reveal a firm rubber strap on. Libby placed the condom in her mouth, remembering the demonstration from the SOPP party, and unrolled it using her tongue onto his thick cock. She checked to make sure it was on properly, before huskily pleading for him inside of her. Emerson obliged, entering only the tip of his strap on, massaging her opening as she moaned in pleasure. He then entered in slowly, languorously, until he was deep inside. “Does this feel good?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed onto his neck, grabbing handfuls of his thick red hair as he began to ride her. The pace began slowly, alternating between deep thrusts and short teasing strokes. “Harder,” she cried, rolling over on the boulder, the pain of the rock serving to intensify her ecstasy. She was on top now, riding Emerson like a wild bucking horse, as they fucked without abandon, her long purple hair streaming behind her frenzied body, back arching, her eyes closed from the pleasure of it all. Emerson moaned low underneath her, the friction of their fucking satisfying his own hungry pussy. Their breath came in short gasps as they twisted together, both nearing the explosive climax that was inevitable. Libby came first, stars of passion erupting behind her closed eyes, her scream echoing the deserted woods. Emerson followed seconds after, the only sound he made a soft whisper of her name. As the pleasure slowly receded from their bodies, Libby climbed off of Emerson, to lie beside him on the boulder, his arms still around her.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this,” she confessed, their hands entwined.

“Me too,” Emerson whispered back, kissing her softly on her swollen lower lip, bleeding lightly from where she had bitten it during her climax. “Ever since I first saw you.”

They laid in silence for a while, gazing at the silhouetted trees, pondering at the moon. Finally, Libby spoke up, “I know a secret way to get into the library, if you’re up for round two.”

“I’m game,” Emerson replied, his cocky grin reflecting all of the mischievous deeds he was fantasizing about.



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    I’m sorry Daisy. But I love you, so it’s all good.

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