Free Green House Designs!

May 3, 2008 at 12:49 pm (amazing things, design/gadget lust)

This is so fucking cool. (Via.) Totally free and downloadable green designs for houses, to be used by anyone and everyone! From the “about” section:

We developed a new business model because green design should be accessible to all. . . . At FreeGreen, our team of engineers and designers works with industry-leading product manufacturers to present you with different combinations of products, materials, and vendors. We also provide 3-dimensional images, energy simulations, and written descriptions to help you find the right fit for your lifestyle. Ultimately you and your builder will choose the products and materials that are right for your house. We just hope that our designs help you build the home you want.

FreeGreen would not exist without paid placement from product manufacturers. In order to avoid product bias, we present every product and material in a fair and clear light. Users can see ratings from established third-party green certification programs such as LEED and NAHB for each product (good or bad), or research performance through our energy modeling reports. Our goal is to show you a multitude of material and product possibilities through various lenses, including quality, health, and energy performance.

That is, they make money by including adds for green building products along with the free plans.

So far, they offer two plans, with two more coming soon. The two available now are the Healthy Family and the Suburban Loft. The former is basically a greener spin on the average single-family house, designed for a family of four and including all the features and amenities of the standard US home. The Suburban Loft is less conventional and less family-oriented, closer to what most of us picture when we think “green home.”

The site has lots of great pictures and virtual tours that let you play with the customizable options of each house, which include options for lower price ranges.

What an awesome company! I hope they do well. I’m sure they will.

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