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April 24, 2008 at 6:31 pm (feminism, racism, stupidity)

Via Off Our Pedestals, this is absolutely unbelievable.

Let me just say, to the people (coughMARCOTTEcoughSEALcough) responsible for that particular bit of total bullshit: don’t you fucking dare claim ignorance of this one. This isn’t an oversight, this isn’t a failure to acknowledge someone. This is an obvious act of racism. Someone proposed this. Other considered and approved it. This is deliberate, or, if not deliberate, such a massive blunder that those responsible are as culpable as if it has been intentional. This is so blatantly racist, I cannot respect anyone involved. Ever. Again.

Thank you, though, for finally being upfront about the fact that when you say “women” you really do only mean “white women,” if not an even narrower group than that.



  1. Moondancer Drake said,

    Yeah, even my (white) husband looked at the pics and went “WTF?”. No one running a publishing business, or writing well enough to be published by said publishing business can be that stupid.

  2. belledame222 said,

    amazing, isn’t it?

  3. littlem said,


    *Smiles — “ironically” — as Professor Hugo struggles to give Seal and AMauthor X yet another pass*

    As far as the Press goes, anyone laboring under the delusions that Seal has any sensitivity to the nuances of racial issues might enjoy visiting
    here (see particularlyprofbw’s note #3)




    And AMauthor X, well

    Staggering Ignorance? Certainly plausible. (”Semiotics is ha-aa-ard!”)

    Gasping Innocence? (With a side of White Lady Vapors to go?)
    Not so much.

    I’m thinking about planning tea with my friends Boy and Cott.
    Have to check all our calendars though … everyone’s so busy this time of year.
    Especially all the university professors.
    And the press.

  4. katkmeanders said,

    Well, a bit of synchronicity tonight I suppose… I was still digesting this post, and was reminded at a message board I post at of the “sock it to me” routine they used to do on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in. Well, I thought it was their “Mod Mod World” segment, and so pulled this up on YouTube to watch. You’ll see what I mean at about 2 minutes or so into the clip. Biting social commentary, for certain.

  5. katkmeanders said,

    Actually, if you skip to about one minute 40 seconds, and watch to about 2 minutes 30 seconds you will have seen what I was talking about.

  6. katkmeanders said,

    Note: I don’t know much about Rowan and Martin, but I am thinking they were being sly, and actually decrying such behavior by highlighting it in a “comedy” routine. You are meant to point and laugh at the people who do that, not at the victim.

  7. Daisy said,

    Sorry for the comments stuck in the spamulator overnight!

    Moondancer: my thoughts exactly.

    Littlem, welcome and thanks for the thorough linking. And katk, yeah – synchronicity indeed.

  8. Daran said,

    Biting social commentary, for certain.

    It’s a shame “Leroy” didn’t tell him where to shove it.

  9. Marcotte’s Jungle: People Make Mistakes « Fitness for the Occasion said,

    […] mistake, I am most likely to take a step back and consider it fully. When I read this over at Our Descent Into Madness, I was […]

  10. katkmeanders said,

    Well, and here is another video. This time by Robyn. It explores what culture expects of “good girls”. (BAH! to that sez I, I’m ebil I guess… *content*)

    And, just because, also throwing in The Eurythmics (Beethoven) I love to listen to as well. *smile*

    I might like to wear a dress sometimes, and I like some of what the Mr. calls “froo froo” (accessories, scarves, dressy shoes/purses, jewelry) but I’m not an inconsiderate selfish brat. I make my own jewelry (except for rings) for the most part anymore.

  11. katkmeanders said,

    Adding, and really I’m not precisely either of the feminine portrayls in the second video. I’m much closer to Robyn. Heh…

  12. katkmeanders said,

    Er, those last two comments were meant to be in the “Good Man/Good Woman” discussion. Hee… I’m, er, absent minded? Prone to brainfarts at times? Nah, truth is I was distracted by a storm sweeping on on us, as I was composing the post I was thinking “I probably shoud shut down and unplug the computer soon, bad storm coming in.” This house happens to have a large, old oak out back, and the cable internet cord passes near enough to it that I’d rather be safe than sorry so I shut down/unplug.

  13. Emily said,

    That’s alright Katk, absent mindedness excused. And stay safe!

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