Overheard in New York

April 19, 2008 at 10:18 am (stupidity)

(Yes, this post is a rip-off)

Scene: Two young women with notebooks and things, presumably college students, sitting on the steps at Union Square.

Young woman #1: Oh look, a puppy! *Squeeeaaaal*

Young woman #2: Whatever, babies are cuter.

YW#1: No.

YW#2: Yes. And they don’t shit all over the floor.

YW#1: Uh, yes they do.

YW#2: They can do things like make faces.

YW#1: But, babies can’t jump!


Well then.


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  1. Miragh said,

    Gotta agree with YW#1 tho; puppies > babies.
    (jumping qualities not taken into consideration)

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