Global Warming Brings Seahorses

April 10, 2008 at 11:12 am (amazing things, neat things) ()

Well, here’s a pleasantly surprising consequence of global warming, for a change: unprecedented colonies of seahorses.

A colony of seahorses has appeared in the Thames River. The short-snouted seahorses were first seen in the river about eighteen months ago, but their presence was kept secret until new laws came into force to protect them from aquarium collectors of exotic fish . Environmental Agency representatives say “We’re not quite sure why they’re here, but the river water has been clean enough for seahorses for some time.” An increase in plankton due to climate change and warmer sea temperatures may be the explanation for the arrival of the seahorses, usually found around Africa and the Mediterranean.

Fancy that.



  1. Kennedy said,

    other less happy aminal increase, jelly fish. they spawn when the water gets warm, and now that they’re spawning earlier and earlier than the fish they eat, they’re getting to eat the unhatched fish eggs, killing hundreds of potential sushi dinners, and making certain fishing water unfishable and unsafe.

    but sea horses are rad. go them.

  2. belledame222 said,


    and yeah, the jellyfish thing is creepy. there was a big piece about how they choked out the salmon season in Ireland or something, just a whole neck of water crammed with wall to wall jellyfish.

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