Mission Accomplished

April 9, 2008 at 3:39 pm (neat things)

My shoe search has come to a close. I ordered* the “Toeday” by Simple, in tan, and they arrived today. They seem study and well-made, and they fit correctly.

I’m ambivalent about them at the moment, probably because they’re such a big change. Behold, my beloved boots:


And my new shoes:


So, yeah. Totally different.

I’ve found, though, that, in my case, familiarity often breeds fondness, not contempt. I imagine I will likely them a lot in a week or two, when I’ve had the chance to bond with them and internalize them as a part of my self image.

* Ordered it from Amazon, not Simple. Their store was displaying a weird bug making it impossible to add items to one’s cart. Not sure if it’s since been fixed.



  1. Emily said,

    They’re SO similar to mine, haha, although mine are an older men’s model I believe.

  2. Daisy said,

    Haha, yeah, I know. I figured it would be okay since you actually rotate through different pairs.

  3. Miriam Sagan said,

    I’ll miss the boots but I’m glad you’ve got new shoes!

  4. Daisy said,

    Thanks, Miriam! Always lovely to see (read) you here on the blog!

  5. Isabel said,

    I think we could probably do a psycho-analysis of your personality based on your footwear…

  6. Daisy said,

    Ha, I’m sure we could.

  7. Brendenator said,

    I am sure we could to, with anything you wear. I can’t imagine what Emily or Me would portray with our clothing, ha ha. I didn’t know you were putting the boots to rest! I am gonna be so freaked out. This is an example, that tells me, you need to tell me things more.

  8. Miragh said,

    Although I never really recommend any crafts to anybody; your ‘quest’ for sustainable shoes kept me pondering that you might actually enjoy bags made of “used truck tarps, used car seat belts, used air bags and used bicycle inner tubes.” (sic)
    They look fancy too! And beside the obvious and charming uniqueness, they last nearly a lifetime. I have mine for nearly 6 years now and the only damage is one insignificant tiny little hole on one corner. I don’t know if it’s known in the US, so I thought I share it with you folks :) –> freitag.ch

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