April 6, 2008 at 9:33 am (frightening things)

Okay, so it’s true — part of the reason Emily and I haven’t been blogging as much is the amount of time we’ve both been spending watching Lost online. Emily is far ahead of me, just about caught up to where the show is on TV. I’m finishing up the second season. Emily and I like Lost so much* we are planning to start writing Lost-themed songs, which will, hopefully, culminate in an album, to be titled Found.

I wish I could blog about all insane things that are happening right now, but I won’t. It would only spoil the show for those behind me, and bore those who have gone ahead.

* Despite persistent and idiotic sexism, racism, heterosexism, fat-phobia, and more. But it’s so compelling, we can’t resist.


  1. Isabel said,

    Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty is agreeing to guest blog for you… because now I know the real reason!

  2. Daisy said,

    Hey, I said part of the reason — just part!

  3. Emily said,

    Haha, well I’m all caught up to the present televised schedule now, if that makes you feel better Isabel, though some blog-paralysis remains…

  4. Sexual Offense Prevention Policy « Our Descent Into Madness said,

    […] the Gender-shenanigans that went down last night, and of course to afford Daisy and Emily more time to watch Lost, I am going to post briefly on something called the Sexual Offense Prevention Policy, or SOPP. It […]

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