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April 6, 2008 at 9:28 am (administrative business, neat things)

This is the first guest-post from our friend Brenden. Our idea was to have him post an anecdote about once a week, because such funny things happen to him, and he’s a good story-teller. However, we’re not sure yet whether this is the right medium for Brenden, nor are we sure whether this is appropriate for Our Descent. So consider this a trial run. Feel free to tell us if you want more of this, or if you’d prefer we not do this again.
— Daisy

Hi palaroos. This is the the famed Brendenator. I live on campus at the state university. Unfortunately. Unfortunately not because I dislike learning, or being mentally active in anyway, but for some reason not being able to brush my teeth without the smell of my Army Seargeant neighbors drunken vomit doesn’t appeal to me for some reason unknown. I am a Piano Performance major, so spend nearly all my time doing music related activities. For some reason, people think its a good idea to say ridiculous things to me in the early hours of the morning as I tiredly venture on a walk to my theory lecture. For example, I am not really a smoker, but I enjoy cigarettes, so sometimes I have one. This happened to be one of those times. I was on the way to my theory class when I was approached by an athletic looking chap and his posse of rugby type long boarders (not uncommon). The alpha male approached me and said oh so creatively, “Smoking kills doode.” Don’t get me wrong, I am all about confronting the opposition when the are supporting the puritanarchy and such things, but I had done more practicing than sleeping, and I was just smoking a god damn cigarette, and obviously as far as I could tell had the facial expression somewhat similar to an angry rhinoceros, so obviously the stupidity of this individual to approach me as such indicated the usual level of surprising stupidity I find on my campus. I unintentionally replied, “So does time pal, and yours is running out.” This sort of oblivious misjudgment of my temperament is quite common. The purpose of this story is an introduction to future posts of things such as this as they occur. It is a little difficult to re-trace the past like I just have with the unsurmountable amount of unspeakably ridiculous instances that occur involving my life on an hourly basis. So in the future I plan to relay the happenings of this parrallel universe I find myself in as soon as they happen, for your entertainment of coarse. Internet-tainment. Ha. Intertainment. Ha ha. Thus is my purpose in life, to intertain others. At my sanity’s expense. Which makes it all the better. As for now, goodbye blogosphere, and get ready to BRENDENATE.

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