Dorky Cool: The Guitar Zeros

April 2, 2008 at 5:48 pm (music, neat things) ()

From Make:

Starting a band and writing an album’s worth of songs with your own MIDI control scheme is cool. Using video game controllers as your interface is very cool. Doing all that with a fresh style that people can actually get into – that’s pretty much unheard of!

Here’s a fact that all my off-line friends know about me all too well, but that has, surprisingly, not been mentioned yet on this here blog (I don’t think): I love Guitar Hero. The affair began when I was home last winter break and was snowed in at my house with a few dear friends who noticed my brother’s game set lying on the living room floor and convinced me to give the game a try (the first? the second? I’m not sure which it was).

Prior to that chilly, fateful afternoon, you see, I would’ve rolled my eyes at the thought and sneered “Fuck that plastic shit, I’m a real guitar player, with a real guitar.” A Rock Star of the physical, flesh-and-bones world of music, if you will. But, sensing a long few days ahead…I picked up the silly-looking game controller and didn’t put it down again for an embarrassing number of hours. By the end of my first session I was hallucinating a little, and by the end of that weekend The Brendenator and I had battled our way through Expert level (with the exception of that one baneful Pantera song…Grr!)

Anyway, praise to the Guitar Zeros, who have managed to make some pretty neat noise with just a few dinky buttons and some sort of multimedia computer software.

Here’s a how-to guide, if you’re so inclined to follow suit. If you follow it, and it works, let me know.

And remember, They don’t really want you to play ‘Freebird,’ they are just heckling you.

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