Bleeding Green: An Update

April 1, 2008 at 4:20 pm (environment, neat things) (, )

Hello there, readers of Our Descent Into Madness. I’m guest blogging today from cloudy, depressing Ohio, and as I’m on the rag my first post is going to be an update of something Daisy and Emily mentioned back in November. Last month I purchased a “Keeper”, which is a small, natural gum rubber (latex) cup to be used as an alternative to tampons. The advertising on the box claims that The Keeper will last up to ten years and save the consumer hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent on plastic/paper/cotton-based, non bio-degradable products.

As a green alternative, this is a pretty good choice. The Keeper is sturdy and extremely easy to keep clean. And when compared with its competitors, it comes off looking even better. To name a few other green products on the market right now, the options tend to be either pads or tampons made without the use of chlorine, such as those produced by Seventh Generation, or products which are in fact bio-degradable, such as Britain’s Natracare, although Natracare doesn’t offer a lot of options in the size department.

The Keeper’s main downsides are that it is expensive, and that it can be uncomfortable for the first few uses. It cost me about $35, a few dollars more than its silicone counterpart, known as The Moon Cup. The shape is very different from a tampon; instead of being long and skinny the brim is wide, and has to be folded before the insertion, which is a feeling that needs some getting used to.

Despite this, I am about to embark on my second usage of The Keeper. This will be the first month since I was 12 that does not entail me running to the drug store in a frantic effort to outrace my menstrual flow. Yay!


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