Jesse Danger’s Emperor Dragonfly Machine

March 24, 2008 at 11:40 am (amazing things, art, design/gadget lust)

If you’re looking to burn $15,000, I highly recommend spending it on this incredible handmade mechanical dragonfly (via), built by Etsy seller Jesse Danger. It’s called the Anax Imperator Machina, or Emperor Dragonfly Machine.


The inspiration for this complex mechanical insect originated from many of the fantasized gadgets of Leonardo da Vinci and other mechanical creations once thought futuristic in times long before our own. Inspired by these designs I set out to recreate nature using classical engineering and an elegant form. My intentions are to develop and continue making more of these mechanical insects.

The internal mechanisms, gears and moving parts were painstakingly hand-milled and hand-calibrated with absolute precision from 14k gold. The body, mechanical frame and wings were handcrafted from Argentium Silver, far superior to Sterling or fine silver. The body opens up to reveal the intricate inner movements, and fine details that just could not be left forever covered up! The eyes are each large 10 carat Swiss Blue Topaz cabochons and the 14k gold bezel on the tail contains a 4mm Amethyst bullet shaped cabochon.

Completely handmade (except two brass gears), this creation is the culmination of hundreds of hours of designing and redesigning, and even more hours of patient and careful construction.

So. Amazing.


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  1. Terri HIll said,

    Thank you for creating something so gorgeous. I have been a fan of dragonflies since I was a very young child. This has to be the most beautiful rendition of a dragonfly I have seen to date. I would love to own one but I am afraid that it must wait. Rasing a child alone doesn’t allow for much “mommy money”. Have a wonderful day and again, thank you.

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