Palm-Sized Piglets

March 4, 2008 at 8:38 pm (frightening things)

English farmer Chris Murray is breeding tiny piglets and selling them as pets. Tiny, tiny piglets–some the size of tea cups, apparently. I’ve always yearned for a pet friend of my very own, and my heart aches at the sheer cuteness…but I dunno, I’m a bit weirded out by this modification. Are the piglets…healthy? Real, even?

Okay, back to mindlessly adoring those adorable pictures. Awwww!

Via Zooillogix.



  1. Justin said,

    Definitely a question worth asking. I for one find it downright evil how malformed certain breeds of dogs are. Of course on the other hand, there is a tremendous variety of dogs and many of them are well-formed. So it’s definitely possible to breed an animal like this without doing harm.

  2. Daisy said,

    Definitely a serious possibility that something unethical is going on. I hope the piglets are healthy.

    They are overwhelmingly cute, though. Awww

  3. Andrew said,

    all important questions… but before we figure out those answers, we need to figure out how to breed a giraffe like this

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