Videos Of Venus Flytraps

February 25, 2008 at 4:46 pm (amazing things, frightening things, movies/video/clips, neat things)

Oh look, a lovely video of our official favorite plant.


After watching that, of course, I stumbled across all kinds of other beautiful/disturbing Venus flytrap footage. I don’t recommend exploring. Most of the them are gross and weirdly cruel.

Here, to a bad soundtrack, an innocent beetle meets its fate:

And here, a friendly Englishman explains the mechanics of the Venus flytrap, and other carnivorous plants:



  1. Jessie said,

    nooooz! don’t eatz the fraog!

    The english guy is the best, by far. *snootiness* intriguing, yes, yes. */s*

  2. Bryson Nitta said,

    Sorry, I know this was posted a few days ago, but I came across a different post of yours, scrolled down, and saw that you are apparently painfully unaware that said englishman is Sir David Attenborough. =)

    He’s probably my favorite person alive. Made me an environmentalist; he actually narrates the BBC Planet Earth (as opposed to the lady from Alien that narrates the American version).

    So, yeah! Anyway, you should go to youtube and look up “lyre bird.” Yup…David A is the man on fire.

  3. Darkchocolate said,

    wow I really dont think I would handle that sort of plant around my house. the little shop of horrors used to habunt me as a child :)

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