Two Pieces Of Transforming, Multifunctional Furniture From Treehugger

February 25, 2008 at 4:15 pm (design/gadget lust, neat things)

Here’s a cool piece of furniture. It’s a crib that can shape-shift when for different functions. That Treehugger posts says it can serve as a crib, a toddler’s bed, and a rocking chair, but based on the photos in looks more like cradle, crib, chair to me. Either way it’s interesting. The idea is that it gets used for four years of a child’s life, instead of getting outgrown in one or two. After that it could get passed on to someone else, and then someone else, and on and on, hopefully.

Next, a related concept: a child’s chair that grows as she does. That one piece of furniture can be arranged into fully four different sorts of chair (for different ages and sitting situations), not to mention two tables. It’s definitely worth browsing the photos at that post to see the different permutations.

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