Him that pisseth against the wall.

February 19, 2008 at 1:41 pm (funny things, stupidity) ()

Ohhhh wow:

Via Dan(Fitness), who urges:

Being a man is all about pissing on the wall. So get out there patriotic men. Unzip and pee on the wall. For America $*#dammit!

Ha ha!



  1. Daisy said,



    You know, that’s a beautiful piece of anti-essentialism, really. What’s the difference between women and men? Men pee standing up. That’s about it.

  2. Miragh said,

    god said it, so it must be true, eh?
    Headaches… severe headaches. Argh…

    Thanks for coming up with it tho, although for
    the moment I’ll be crawling back into my head,
    looking for that wonderful naive bliss that fixing
    our world won’t be painful and lack any complexity.

  3. Dan (Fitness) said,

    You’ve just gotta catch part two of the blog post. The comment he quotes is Jesus’ Generalesque.

  4. Emily said,

    Part two! Who would’ve thought it could possibly get better?

    And Miragh: do I ever know how you feel. But when something SO ridiculous/outrageous as this comes along…you have to take advantage of the laughs. I mean, wow.

  5. Infra said,

    Little known fact: the practice of tangential structural urination (or TSU, pronounced “tissue”), and the related Biblical phrase, was introduced through a variant copy of the Tanakh, one that passed through the hands of a Turkish Sufi translator who moonlighted as a stand-up comic every second Wednesday (and was also a proto-Freemason — as are all stand-up comics). As Tyler pointed out in one of the Fight Club PSAs, urine is sterile; and when combined with architectural targeting and the practice of Sufi “whirling,” this sufficed as a personal/locational purification ritual.

    Of course, it did require a bit of training, especially if performed in a cavernous structure or when the purification of an entire village was intended. This training has a cultural survival in the practice of “shaking,” a technique known to all (ok, almost all) young boys via the rite of passage colloquially known as toilet training; it has also surfaced in other forms, from time to time, albeit somewhat camouflaged. Two notable examples are those of Gallagher’s “Smash-O-Matic” and the antics of the Blue Man Group.

    This preacher was, without a doubt, privy to this secret knowledge. (Surely one noted the numerological references? This belies a familiarity with Iamblichus’ Theology of Arithmetic, and the Neoplatonism of Proclus.) Therefore: woe, ultimate and eternal woe, will befall the ridiculers on The Day of the Divine Flow.

    You should have heeded the warning.

    [flushes toilet whilst genuflecting]

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