On Exercising Your Fourth, Fifth And Sixth Amendment Rights

February 16, 2008 at 5:05 pm (injustice, neat things) (, )

Via Problem Chylde, here’s an informative (and lengthy) video about citizens’ rights, specifically during police encounters.

In one disturbing moment of the video, a sheriff guy, who has pulled some kids over for speeding, forces them to cooperate by basically threatening the young men with rape: “I’ll have to arrest you and keep you overnight in a jail cell with some very bad men who would love to do some very bad things to skinny little boys like the two of you.” Cruel and unusual punishment anyone? Holy heaven, what an example of brutal injustice.

Anyway, do watch it, bad acting and all. It’s packed with critically important information.



  1. Emily said,

    I was just in the process of calling my brother to have him watch this, and thinking about posting it, when I saw that you did. Ha.

  2. Christinam33 said,

    I noticed that too. I’ve heard cops do it. “You know, you won’t do well in prison, son. Harharhar.”

  3. Daisy said,

    Christinam: that’s incredibly disturbing. Thanks for sharing. Ugh.

  4. brendenator said,

    Ok first of all, that weird “colon fixation” thing in the beginning made me laugh so hard. Second of all I’ll have to watch the rest later, its buggin my computer out for some reason.

  5. Flex Your Rights : Elaine Vigneault said,

    […] tip: Daisy and  Problem […]

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