Meandering Election Thoughts

February 4, 2008 at 2:54 pm (politics)

It is the eve of so-called Tsunami Tuesday, the day when US primary and caucus results will sweep across The Land of the Free like a massively destructive tidal wave. In all likelihood, we will have our nominees when next I post. We liberals have no choice but to support the Democrats, and we’re left with two candidates who I find undesirable, and perhaps actually indistinguishable. So in light of Edwards recent departure, I’m sorry to say I have no substantive advice for anyone. Obama might be somewhat better. Then again he might be a fascist sleep cell. Then again they both might be sleeper cells. Clinton might be worse about the war. But then again she might be more liberal once in office. And Obama could easily fail to act on his (deliberately?) vague stated positions on Iraq. And on everything. As could Clinton. Frankly I don’t believe anything either of them has said.

So I’ve got nothing, folks, accept the incredibly obvious insight that though they’re both imperfect, in fact actually inadequate, either would be immensely preferable to even the least bad Republican.

Onward, forward, over and out.

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