The “I Am Not A Paper Cup” Cup

January 24, 2008 at 6:45 pm (design/gadget lust, neat things)

Okay, okay, I admit it’s a little stupid, but I do kind of want one of these (via) — a lovely white porcelain mug and lid, made to look like those ubiquitous disposable coffee cups. The thing that deters me is not so much the dorkiness* as the fact that I’m sure it would prove more delicate than the cup I use now, which is made of plastic and steel, and easy withstands being squeezed and banged amongst textbooks, slammed between textbooks and the hard ground, etc.

It’s gets a big plus for making a statement, though. It’s certainly more conspicuous than the average thermos, sure to inspire conversations about why having a reusable cup is important.

* Am I ever deterred by dorkiness? Nay!


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  1. Emily said,

    I actually do kind of like the look of those, heh.

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