US Politics Breaks My Heart

January 23, 2008 at 12:53 pm (injustice, LGBT, politics)

I will never forgive the evil-doers who kept Al Gore from being our President.

Excuse me while I go cry over all our lost joy and justice, over innumerable unnecessary deaths, over corruption, over the great crime that has been committed here.



  1. Elaine Vigneault said,

    Impeach Bush!
    Kucinich is going for it again on the 28th. He’s calling for impeachment again.

    You know, I think Gore is probably more effective at changing policy and changing the world outside of the oval office, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  2. Daisy said,

    Impeach Bush!
    Kucinich is going for it again on the 28th. He’s calling for impeachment again.

    Fuck yeah!

    I don’t think that’s wishful thinking, exactly. It’s just that all the good Al Gore can do can’t undo what Bush has done, which would never have happened if we were living in a working democracy.

  3. Miragh said,

    “What a different place our world would have been if he had been President…”

    It’s sickening and frustrating to think about it.

  4. robertjerome said,

    People are so fuckng stupid. I overheard a jock today saying that he was going to beat somebody up because he thought he was a faggot. I think people like that are stupid barf bag pieces of shit. Jocks shouldn’t be allowed to stick their stinky, sweat encrusted dicks inside of the butch vaginas they love so much. Fags rule! If this jock had ever been outside of upstate New York for once in his life he might know that. Sheesh!

  5. robertjerome said,

    I hope you weren’t offended by my comments. Please don’t censor me. If I had been saying those things there would have been an unmistakable yet subtle inflection of sarcasm in my voice that would probably cause you to laugh. Obviously, words on a page can’t always convey that.

  6. robertjerome said,

    Sorry, that should be…”there would have been a subtle yet unmistakable inflection of sarcasm”…and…”words on a screen can’t always convey that”… I happen to be somewhat of a perfectionist.

  7. robertjerome said,

    “Our enemies will set among us individuals whose primary function is to object, to dissent, to find fault with our traditional mode of living, until that which we know to be right, begins to feel suspect, and we are reduced to a state of perpetual uncertainty, a situation our enemies will be only too happy to exploit. Who are these individuals, really, and what makes them so vociferous in their criticism of our ways? They are, if we examine them closely: outcasts, chronic complainers, individuals incapable of thriving within a perfectly viable, truly generous system, a system vastly superior to all other known ways of orgainizing effort and providing value.”

    -Bernard “Ed” Alton
    Taskbook for the New Nation,
    Chapter 5. “The Tyranny of the Negative: Procedural
    Methodology and the Pathology of Dissent”

  8. Daisy said,

    Care to clarify your cryptic passive-aggressiveness, RJ?

  9. robertjerome said,

    What are you saying? I should stand up for what I believe in every time some mental dwarf treads on me (like the jock I overheard saying how he would like to beat up a gay person)? Am I passive agressive because I write boldly on my blog while I sit back and let the dwarfs rule the land? Should I have bonked that dwarf jock in the head and put him in his place? Would this then make me agressive instead of passive agressive?

    The way I see it, there are too many dwarfs around. It would be too time consuming to bonk each one of them over the head each time they commited a sin against intellectualism, pragmatism, reason and logic. I just let them be because they are beyond saving. Jesus most likely couldn’t save any of the dwarfs in the land so what could I possibly do to help them? I’ll just preach from my computer soapbox and hope that they hear me. I’d like to be the one to spread some enlightenment on their dim little faces. But, you must remember, I mostly like to preach to the choir (the one’s that can actually be saved).

  10. Daisy said,

    RJ: I’m sorry if I offended you. Your comment at #7 confused me.

    I’m not sure why you’re using the word “dwarf,” in particular, but I know what you mean about the hopelessly ignorant. I don’t think you should waste your time on the willfully bigoted.

  11. robertjerome said,

    Dwarfs raped my mother and killed my father.

    Right, about comment # 7:

    I just read George Saunders’ In Persuasion Nation (see my blog) and he divides his collection of stories into four parts. Each quarter of the book is preceeded by a quotation from Bernard Alton’s Taskbook for the Nation. I just thought this quotation is a good description of the powers that be, the same powers that WOULDN’T be if Al Gore had been elected.

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