One Foot At A Time

January 14, 2008 at 11:38 am (amazing things, environment) (, )

We blogged about FreeRice awhile back — the site where answering vocab questions allows you to donate rice* to people who need it, via ad revenue.

Inspired by FreeRice, here’s a new, equally awesome project (via). At, you answer trivia questions to buy rainforest for conservation, one square foot at a time. According to the site, you save one square foot for everything four question you answer correctly. You can choose from a few categories of questions, look at the site’s traffic stats to see how much land has been saved so far, and even submit a question of your own. It’s like Trivial Pursuit, but solitary, and helping to preserve the rainforest.

Go play.

* Now up from 10 grains per correct answer to 20! You’re web-surfing counts more than ever.



  1. kehaulani said,

    what a fun way to save the rainforest. thanks for sharing!

  2. Daisy said,

    Thanks for reading!

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