Who needs credit cards…

December 11, 2007 at 4:27 pm (sexism) (, , )

…when preteen female bodies are currency/commodities in and of themselves anyway? Wal-Mart wants to know.

Via Pandagon.

UPDATE: Good news! Wal-Mart will no longer sell this underwear.



  1. moonbeammcqueen said,

    This made me furious. I sent corporate headquarters the following e-mail:

    “I just saw the pre-teen panties that your store carries. The ones that, right in front of a girl’s vagina says, “Who needs credit cards?”

    Are you buyers so uninformed that though don’t understand the message of this?

    I’m just not believing this.”

    I had to sort of sit on my hands to keep from typing what I really wanted to say. Grrrr….

  2. Emily said,

    Well, good. That’s the sort of action I was hoping to inspire with this post.

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