Cool Green Stuff by Dave Evans

December 9, 2007 at 12:39 pm (amazing things, books, design/gadget lust, neat things)

I got an amazing Hanukkah present last night: Cool Green Stuff by Dave Evans. “A Guide to Finding Great Recycled, Sustainable, Renewable Objects You Will Love.”

And love them you shall. A whole handful of the products in there have been written about here before, and you can bet many more will follow in the coming weeks, for along with a picture and description of each lovely product, Evans has included a URL. The book is mesmerizing and beautiful and very, very highly recommended. As I highlight items from it, I’ll mention where I found them, in order to further entice passersby into picking it up.

Edited to add: Another great part of the book is that some of the products look like they’d be pretty easy to make oneself, so it’s also a goldmine of ideas for reusing your household trash.

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