Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Buy Nothing Day

November 22, 2007 at 2:44 pm (frightening things) (, )

I wanted to fast today, but I agreed not to because my mother is getting our entire holiday meal locally, turkey included. So. Score points in the sustainable column, lose points in the anti-colonialism column.

Now, on to the more interesting holiday.

I’m going to participate in Buy Nothing Day tomorrow. I hope you will too. Take a hint from Reverend Billy: protest consumerism by refusing to participate in the unsustainable over-consumption known as the holiday season.

If you do want to give presents for Christmas or Festivas or Hanukkah, make something interesting for each of your favorite people using materials you already have. If you prefer to buy, buy ethically — Treehugger’s enormous 2007 gift guide is an excellent place to start.


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