Some things can’t be helped: a confession.

November 20, 2007 at 9:32 am (funny things, movies/video/clips, sexism) ()

So, I know that the myth of the vagina dentata is based on puritanical, misogynistic, irrational fear and disgust of women and it’s stupid and horrible and despicable, but, well…I just can’t keep it a secret any longer… I really want to see this movie!

I mean, doesn’t it look just a tiny bit hilarious?

(And Daisy, did you recognize our favorite actor?)

Via Feministe.


  1. katkmeanders said,

    I dunno, sometimes having guys see you as tiny, but fierce can be a good thing. Helps them decide they want to behave and practice their manners to be fit for my company. *tongue in cheek* *grin*

    On a more serious note, I think both genders are taught fear/revulsion of the other’s parts. Seriously, think about the “all d*s are ugly ” ideas that so many women privately express, and the fact that women were supposed to swoon at the sight of “manhood rampant” at one point in time. I think it is prigs trying to “keeps us chaste”. While I think monogamy can be a good thing as far as raising children and not spreading disease goes, I also feel that eglitarianism ought to be the norm. I think we ought to appreciate each other for not only our pretty parts, but for our figurative “warts” also. That doesn’t mean I think all men are mannerless louts who can’t do household chores or appreciate the Fine Arts. Quite the opposite. I find myself encouraging the guys I know to look at art more, and to not be ashamed to pitch in in the household they live in, reminding them that they live there too, so they should contribute to the household upkeep.

    I think each gender should pull their own weight, in their own way, depending on the individual. If a woman prefers to contribute to the household in what is generally percived (for lack of a better phrase to convey the idea) in the “masculine” way and go out to work, while the man stays home and cares for the children, it isn’t my place to say it is wrong. I’ll cheer the couple on.

  2. askabartender said,

    HAHAHAH! Brava to the Hollywood executive who saw her chance to exploit adolescent boys’ fears of the opposite sex. I honestly see it as more exploitative of men than women.

    And for a much more surreal take on the subject, check out “Liquid Sky” from 1982.

  3. snobographer said,

    askabartender, et al – This movie was written, directed, and produced by a man. His name’s Mitchel Lichtenstein.

    If that detracts from the awesomeness of this movie, it’s probably in similarly minor ways as men’s involvement watered down the righteous anger of “Hard Candy.” It was still pretty sympathetic and overall a good movie.

  4. Emily said,

    Katk: prigs trying to “keep us chaste” and fear sex in general–definitely part of it.

    And bartender: The idea that men should find misogynistic behavior and humor acceptable or actually appealing is indeed insulting to members of all genders as humans. Thus the all-around terrible and insulting nature of patriarchy. But I don’t think that, because it may play off “adolescent boys’ fear,” it’s more exploitative of men than women. At least the men in the movie, though irrationally afraid, are fully human and not made into monsters because of something directly related to their biological sex…

    And I’ve heard about Liquid Sky, but somehow that one never made it onto my to-see list, haha.

  5. Daisy said,

    Hahaha, that’s ridiculous.

    Yeah, I did recognize him.

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