Bleeding Green

November 19, 2007 at 3:12 pm (feminism, neat things) ()

This is a fun post about how to make your own reusable menstrual pads, plus some other tips for eco-friendly monthly bleeding. Making washable pads is a very green way to go — you break out of the industrial cycle by making them yourself, and out of the trash cycle by reusing them. Also it could be a good way to creatively reclaim your body and femaleness from the corporate machine that profits from women’s internalized misogyny and body shame*, a la Inga Muscio. Conventional products are wasteful and dangerous.

If, like me, you can’t really imagine using fabric pads (homemade or otherwise), there are other healthy, sustainable options. Among them, devices like the DivaCup and the Keeper, and the product with the most archetypal and mythological ground to stand on, the sea sponge tampon.

*There is nothing about women’s bodies that needs to be disinfected or sanitized. There is no reason to clog women’s bodies with bleached, chlorinated trash. Companies that make “feminine hygiene” products capitalize on women’s desire to interact with the bloody, corporal reality of their bodies as little as possible, which comes from internalizing the patriarchal ideas that women’s bodies are dirty, dysfunctional, inscrutable, bizarre, something to be managed and controlled.


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    […] from cloudy, depressing Ohio, and as I’m on the rag my first post is going to be an update of something Daisy and Emily mentioned back in November. Last month I purchased a “Keeper”, which is a small, natural gum rubber (latex) cup to […]

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