Obama: Almost Awesome (But Not Quite)

November 14, 2007 at 1:55 pm (LGBT, movies/video/clips, politics)

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This is a really tough one for me.

On the one hand, I want to sob with gratitude that a serious politician has acknowledged me as a human and would extend those very important federal benefits to me when I get married. On the other, I want to punch him right in the mouth for refusing to take it all the way, for concluding that separate but equal is acceptable.

On the one hand, he is absolutely right that we need to be communicating with our opposition. On the other hand, communication does meet pandering, and sponsoring someone like Donnie McClurkin in inexcusable pandering.

Mr. Obama, if you think that sexual orientation is not a choice, and you think extending full equality to gay and lesbian people is necessary and good, what is your situation with the word “marriage”? If/when I marry a woman, I will consider it marriage, my family will consider it marriage, my rabbi will consider it marriage. If you are, as you appear to be, on the side of fairness and equality, why is that not good enough for you? What more could you possibly want?



  1. Isabel said,

    If seperate was the same as equal we’d have segregated public schools today.

    And why do people like Obama so much? Is it the Kennedy fevor all over again? He’s young and pretty and no one has any idea if he’d actually make a good politician or not.

  2. Life With Buck said,

    I agree with Isabel about this whole Obama mystique, I don’t get it either. I want to like him but like all the others he won’t take the full dive. They all drop one shoe and then hang on to the other for dear life, so can’t really be sure what they think. Drop the other freaking shoe so people can make a real decision!

  3. Daisy said,

    Isabel and LWB: agreed. I don’t understand it either, but I think it is a charisma thing.

  4. MommaSteph said,

    I think it’s the sense that he’s a break from all the polarizing of the last eight years. More than the others, he aims to be a consensus builder. Maybe that’s what we need most right now after eight years of GWB.

    And, yes, charisma and good looks don’t hurt him.

  5. Daisy said,

    You may be right about that, Steph. I can recognize the value of that, and yet…

    I’m prepared to cooperate with those with whom I am disagree, but let’s face it, this is bigger than just disagreement. Take the positions of the most extreme opposition to their stated conclusions (literal interpretation of the Bible, America as a “Christian Nation”) and I would be stoned to death. That’s what literal interpretation of the Bible means, as those folks would know if they’d read it.

    What I want to see is a strong progressive leader. Not a liberal version of Bush who would attack, insult, and berate people, but someone who would stand for secular, progressive values — and actually stand for them, completely, without making semantic concessions (i.e. “marriage”) for no reason other than furthering her own career.

    Politics is depressing.

  6. MommaSteph said,

    You may be five-eight years ahead of the curve right now.

    Then again, ten years ago, gay marriage seemed really, COMPLETELY impossible, and now, look at Massachusetts.

  7. LawrenceEliade said,

    I don’t understand all the progressive people who want to stand firm by their principles and give the presidency on a platter to the conservatives by moving away from the main stream idea of civil unions as opposed to marriage for the gays and lesbians. What’s wrong with being electable? the only candidate you would endorse and vote for would be one that stands no chance of being elected; like Nader. I’m not yet ready for another republican president. Divide and conquer is a simple and effective strategy of the conservatives; let us not be blinded by our own ideologies not to see the bigger picture of the ‘permanent republican majority ‘ nightmare.

  8. Daisy said,

    Lawrence: where did I say I wouldn’t vote for Obama? I will vote and canvas for whichever candidate takes the Democratic nomination. But I’m not going to stay quiet about my beliefs and objections. Values get mainstreamed because people talk about them, expose others to them. Civil unions seem mainstream now because activists put marriage on the table, forcing the whole conversation leftward. I intend to continue to make that push.

    Political strategy is important, but I, for one, consider justice to be important too. I make my decisions pragmatically, yes, but I also consider what is, you know, actually the right thing to do. “The gays and lesbians” — that is me, Lawrence. That is me, my girlfriend, many of my best friends, many of my family members. “The gays and lesbians” is not some amorphous political value that can be sacrificed for the sake of victory; it’s a living, breathing group of American citizens who are being treated unfairly by the US government.

  9. LawrenceEliade said,

    Why not?!…Let’s sacrifice it!…For the sake of Victory!!!

    running for Mr. Popular in this blog :)

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