In Which It Becomes Clear That This Anti-Hillary Clinton Fervor Is Driven By Misogyny

November 14, 2007 at 1:43 pm (movies/video/clips, politics, sexism) ()

Is there something wrong with me, that I don’t find this at all funny?

(Via Bloggernista.)

Answer: nope.

This stuff is so damned vile I almost want to vote for her just out of female solidarity.



  1. jonolan said,

    Yep, a woman in Hilton Head Island, S.C – not a staffer BTW – asked a rude question, followed by equally rude commentary from others in attendance. I think McCain did a decent job of fairly answering the question both without attacking Hillary and without alienating his shrinking constituency.

    It might have been better if he hadn’t answered it at all, but the crowd was small and he has few options left to him.

  2. Daisy said,

    Well. I consider “bitch” to be more than just impolite. Also, even though Clinton is in the lead, I think it’s really inappropriate to ask how will we beat candidate X? instead of how will we win?. Is McCain interested in being the president of the United States, or is he interested in beating Hillary Clinton?

  3. jonolan said,

    I assume McCain is interested in winning the election. He didn’t ask the question though – and his response was respectful of his adversary. Sadly for him – since this will hurt him in the race – that woman in his very small audience was rude – a bitch if you will accept the irony.

    McCain didn’t even actually answer the question of “how”; he just stated that he was doing well in the polls and would proceed as he had started.

    Now, I don’t like McCain but I can’t fault him much in this instance. I can however fault the woman who asked the question however. I would almost be willing to entertain the idea that she was planted by McCain’s opponents just to ask that question in that way. Almost.

  4. Daisy said,

    Wait, so where do you disagree with me?

    I think this clip shows that the anti-Hillary madness is fueled by misogyny — McCain supporters are, apparently, supporting him out of a desire to “beat the bitch.” Which I am offended by, and which I think Mr. McCain should probably be offended by, too. Instead, he’s capitalizing on it.

  5. jonolan said,

    I disagree with the premise that he’s capitalizing on it. Look at him in video; he wanted to be anywheres else but in front of that woman with her question. He’s stuck though – his constituency is too small for him to blow off even bad questions from them.

  6. Daisy said,

    Okay, jonolan — you may be right.

  7. Daisy said,

    Jonolan, you should look at this post (and check out the links).

  8. jonolan said,

    I read it. OK, some feminists don’t like McCain and are holding him accountable for answering the question. As I said, his constituency is too small for him to alienate any of them.

    Heck, even the NY Times – a very liberal media outlet – didn’t particularly roast him for the campaign letter; they went out of their way to show that such things were common practice amongst most candidates.

    I guess it comes down to whether Hillary being called a bitch is at all important enough to swing votes. I guess there are enough stupid people in America to make plausible there’d be some sort of female solidarity vote. But if that’s the case we’d also have to take into account the Black Solidarity vote as well.

  9. Daisy said,

    I reserve the right to have an opinion distinct from that of the New York Times — they’re treatment of the situation is different from how I would have handled it. And something can be stupid and wrong whether it swings votes or not.

  10. jonolan said,

    Daisy, good for you! The hope for America is people not gobbling up the pap that the MSM doles outs.

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