Moon Night-Light, Complete With Lunar Cycle

November 8, 2007 at 2:26 pm (amazing things, art, neat things) ()

Okay, I promise this is the last one from Boing Boing today… This is really awesome. It’s a selenographically accurate night-light; that is, a night-light shaped like the moon with a detailed lunar landscape. The light turns on automatically when it gets dark and can move through the lunar cycle, with twelve stages of waxing and waning. It’s not nearly as lovely as the real thing, of course, but it’s great anyway.




  1. katkmeanders said,

    Oooooo! WANT! That is *so* neat! And only $30 bucks? That isn’t too bad at all, actually! *science geek yearning* *night preferring Nature lover drool* Hee…

  2. katkmeanders said,

    Adding, have you seen the comet yet? It has made the news, it’s around/near Perseus. It developed sinkholes, which made the comet porous, and when it neared the sun it caused an explosion making the comet visible to the naked eye when it wouldn’t normally be so. It’s about the size of a bright star, but fuzzier, and has no tail. Still, I say worth going out bundled up where there is no city light to see it.

  3. katkmeanders said,

    Comet Holmes, that’s its name.

  4. katkmeanders said,

    Here’s a link to an article I read about it, in case you hadn’t read about it yet. Dunno if the link will go through or not.

  5. Emily said,

    Wow, thanks for the link! Were I not in a city of a billion lights, I would wander into the wilderness to look for it tonight…

  6. Daisy said,

    Hi kat! I’m in a semi-rural area (compared to Emily, that is), so maybe I’ll try to see it… Did you get to catch a glimpse of it?

  7. katkmeanders said,

    Yeah, it’s neat. As I said, it’s as big as a bright star, but fuzzier. There is a site with a .pdf document on my next comment. Do a search for perseus on it and enlarge it to get an idea of where in the sky to look.

  8. katkmeanders said,

    Here’s the site I found useful for locating where in the sky to look. (Pull up the North America November 2007 .pdf)

  9. katkmeanders said,

    In fact, there are 3 white dots indicating the comet’s path on that .pdf map.

  10. katkmeanders said,

    Here is yet another link about Comet Holmes, it is now bigger than the sun. The article has links to nifty images of Comet Holmes, for those who cannot escape the city lights. *smile* Um, I see it’s big, so I’ll go to snip URL, then post it. I hope it works, if not do a Yahoo News search for “Incredible Comet Bigger than the Sun”.

  11. katkmeanders said,

    Oooo! Mark your calendars! Excerpt from SPACE.Com’s article linked above: On Monday, Nov. 19, the comet will create a unique skywatching event with its see-through coma, according to the Web site “The comet will glide by the star Mirfak [also called Alpha Persei] and appear to swallow it—a sight not to be missed.”

  12. Emily said,

    Awesome! Thanks kat :)

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