Electronics Recycled Into Animals

November 6, 2007 at 2:30 pm (art, neat things)

From Boing Boing Gadgets, check out the work of Ann Smith. Smith takes old appliances and reconfigures their insides into animals with working joints. She makes stop-motion videos of the creatures in action, which you should watch.


A much better use than the landfill.



  1. katkmeanders said,

    Neat, neat, neat, neat, neat! Have you seen the artist who makes motorized sculputres yet? He’s got a walking, motorized tiger sculpture.

    Page with a clip of the Tiger “arriving home”: http://www.kezanti.com/TigerShiva.html

    Home page for the artist: http://www.kezanti.com/default.asp

  2. katkmeanders said,

    I posted a comment here, with two links in it to a different artist’s site that I thought you’d find appealing. Posting this to let you know to check the spam filter. *smile*

  3. You think he’d make me a giant elephant? « Our Descent Into Madness said,

    […] Thanks to katkmeanders for the heads up. […]

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