Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007 at 12:51 pm (neat things, racism, sexism, stupidity)

Though there are some real reasons to dislike or genuinely fear Halloween, I am determined to make good of any appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) occasion that encourages dress-up.

Of course, I waited ’til the last minute to try and find an interesting, inexpensive costume. I always come up with the best ideas just a few days too late. This year I settled for a hat shaped like a flower pot, with big yellow flowers sticking out from the top. I’m going to wear a black shirt and green plants and be soil and roots. Ha ha…

For other procrastinators out there, Boing Boing’s got a pretty good and easy idea for you. Or, you could make a different sort of statement today by wearing red. And for everyone else: are you dressing up? If so, as what?

And NOW I remember what it is that I’ve been wanting to be for Halloween for, oh, I dunno, forever!

“Beauty is a curse on the world.” The classic villain from my favorite show! (Yes, it really is my favorite. Second only to Daria. Should I be publicizing that on this blog?…)


Damn. Maybe next time.

EDIT: In the second paragraph of this post I wrote “plants” where I meant to write “pants.” I like that mistake, though, so I’m leaving it. :)

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