Researchers Kill World’s Oldest Known Creature

October 30, 2007 at 1:06 pm (stupidity) ()

From Boing Boing, researchers in Iceland recently discovered the oldest animal on record, a friendly clam. The oldest animal lived to be about 405, because researched killed it and cut it open as soon as they found it.

I wonder how long the amaranthine mollusk would have lived if it hadn’t be murdered. Maybe 410 years, 420? Even 450 or 500 or more?

Well. Now we’ll never know. On that subject…

“Its death is an unfortunate aspect of this work, but we hope to derive lots of information from it,” said Al Wanamaker, a postdoctoral scientist on the university’s Arctica team. “For our work it’s a bonus, but it wasn’t good for this particular animal.”

Uh huh.

I think maybe marine biologists should start taking oaths like doctors, “First do no harm.” ‘Cause this shit just keeps happening. And for no reason at all, in most cases.

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