Jesus is filled with hate.

October 30, 2007 at 1:25 pm (movies/video/clips, stupidity) (, )

PZ Myers is rightThis is a glimpse at the worst side of human nature. The fact that the video is aimed at kids makes it that much worse. Take a person’s natural, lovely desire to help others, to do right by their friends, and pervert it into an ideology that is as evil as it is stupid.

What kind of person is the Christofacist, who fervently worships a God so evil, so cruel, so hypocritical? What kind of God is the God of this video, who happily condemns people to an eternity of unending torture based not on their actions, but on a technicality? What kind of religion achieves compliance by terrorizing its own youth?



  1. kip152 said,

    Since God was created by Man, we have to excuse His imperfections. After all, he’s only human!

  2. Daisy said,


    Good point!

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